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What is the i-Activ AWD® System?

Mazda i-ACTIV

You know that Mazda SUVs are exceptionally agile and fun to drive, but what makes them stand out? Although unique Mazda engines and transmissions also play an important role, no guide to Mazda performance features would be complete without mention of Mazda i-Activ AWD®. Mazda i-Activ AWD® is a fully-autonomous, intelligently-controlled all-wheel drive system designed to ensure a safer, more exciting drive! More specifically, it’s an Active Torque Split AWD system with Front-Wheel Slip-Warning Detection, which automatically adjusts itself in order to offer revolutionary performance.


Mazda i-Activ AWD® works constantly to improve your experience behind the wheel. It does so by tracking road conditions, monitoring small changes in wheel speed, and directing torque to the wheels where it will be most useful. Wondering how the system operates? Here’s what you should keep in mind:

  • Active Sensors – Mazda i-Activ AWD® monitors your accelerator position, your steering angle, and brake fluid pressure, while identifying and responding to road conditions.
  • Torque Control System – Without requiring any direct command from the driver, i-Activ AWD® can transfer up to 50% of torque to the rear wheels. It works proactively, calculating the precise balance that you’re searching for. The system also delivers stand-by torque to the rear wheels when FWD is engaged, so you can shift into AWD more quickly.
  • Front-wheel Slip-warning Detection System – i-Activ AWD® can detect extraordinarily small changes in your ground speed (the rate at which you’re moving) and your wheel speed. When it detects slippage, it goes to work to stabilize your vehicle before you ever notice the difference.


Compact cars from Mazda generally only offer front-wheel drive, while the Mazda Miata comes with rear-wheel drive. However, drivers in the Carlsbad and Poway areas still have several different options to consider. That’s because all of the Mazda SUVs offer Mazda i-Activ AWD® on select configurations. Searching for Mazda AWD SUVs? Although it’s not standard on any model, i-Activ AWD® can be added to any Mazda CX-3, Mazda CX-5, or Mazda CX-9.


You may have spent your whole life on the roads near Vista, but you’ve never experience them like this. Find a Mazda with i-Activ AWD® in our new vehicle inventory today, and then reach out to set up your test drive! Want to learn more about Mazda features? Take an in-depth look at Mazda Skyactiv® Technology or Mazda i-Activesense®.

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