New Lease Specials

Buying a car outright isn’t the only way for you to get behind the wheel of a brand-new car. You can also choose to lease your new ride, which allows you greater access to a wide variety of the latest performance and features available in the Mazda lineup for less. And with the vast number of lease deals on offer at Mazda of Escondido, you’ll be able to save even more! Secure competitive lease terms today at the trusted dealer in San Marcos!

We are currently updating our monthly offers. Please check back shortly for updates.

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Benefits of Leasing

There are a great number of benefits to leasing a new Mazda – and even more when you consider all that you’ll be saving, thanks to our lease specials! Some perks include:

       Drive newer cars on a more frequent basis

       Pay less up front

       Enjoy lower monthly payments

       Stay clear of the financial effects of your car’s future value

Lease Your Next Car at Mazda of Escondido

With so many enticing lease specials available on offer, you can be sure that Mazda of Escondido is the go-to dealer for car leases around San Marcos and Carlsbad. Explore the latest Mazda lineup to get a better idea of your options and what lease deals are in store and whether leasing is right for you, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help determining which model is right for you.