What is KODO Soul of Motion?

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KODO Soul of Motion

If you’ve recently explored a Mazda model, you may have heard of KODO Soul of Motion. This refers to the design philosophy used when creating all Mazda models. Find out more about the behind KODO Soul of Motion philosophy below before visiting us at Mazda of Escondido to see our inventory up close.

Understanding KODO Soul of Motion

Created by Ikuo Maeda, the KODO Soul of Motion design brings beauty to life by giving the new Mazda lineup features that mimic a wild animal pouncing on prey. These features are meant to exude vitality, yet embody a soulful creature as well:

  • KODO refers to “heartbeat,” which is why the sleek Mazda style is likened to bringing a model to life
  • This Mazda design philosophy isn’t just found on certain models – it extends throughout the entire Mazda lineup, no matter the model or trim
  • To achieve KODO’s level of attentiveness, Mazda relies on an interior designer, clay modeler, expert fabricator, and master painter to design each vehicle
  • KODO design focuses on Japanese culture and creates elegance by keeping things simple. This means using one continuous line for the exterior instead of excessive curves.

No matter what Mazda model you choose to liven up your San Marcos drive, you’ll find similar design patterns throughout the Mazda lineup.

Explore Mazda Models at Mazda of Escondido

Whether you want to schedule a test drive in one of the Mazda3 Hatchback configurations or learn more about Mazda’s various innovations, contact Mazda of Escondido today to see how you can enhance your Carsbad ride and help you explore Escondido in style.

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